Thursday, 19 July 2012

Platinum Yoga Cupcakes with Figurines

The new fad in my life, is yoga. For years I have refused to even think about attending yoga classes, let alone giving it a try. I mean, why would anybody want to twist their body into pretzel shapes or force their arms and legs into hundred and eighty degree angles, right? Wrong.....I do. I'm addicted to hot yoga, Hatha yoga, hot flow name it and I'm right there in a studio "comfortably" warmed to 40 degrees Celcius, which is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Brilliant! This weekend was the 1st anniversary celebration at Platinum Yoga where I work out. We have two great instructors, Anil and Ana. These 2 egg free and dairy free cakes were for them, as a little gesture of appreciation for all the grueling sessions of yoga I have endured..I mean enjoyed, with them. As for yoga being a fad? I don't think so. This one's for the long haul.         


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