Wednesday, 19 September 2012

F1 Musings in Singapore...revving down memory lane...

Formula 1 cake for Team Renault 2008

The F1 night race in Singapore is on for this weekend and I'm really excited! I've been an armchair follower of the happenings on the circuit for over 10 years! Bit of a departure here, on this blog, from the usual subject matter, but hey, I do have some Formula 1 cake stories and photos to share around.

Presenting Fernando Alonso with cake

I have been a follower of F1 Driver, Fernando Alonso for a very long time and when I was given passes to a pre-race launch by Renualt (this is 2008, I'm musing about, folks!), naturally I jumped at it. While watching the qualifying rounds of the race, I played around with some fondant and shaped the 2008 Renault Formula 1 car. ........I'm remembering that moment when Alonso clocked the best time during the qualifiers!

The smile and thank you!!

So here I had a sugar crafted car, that needed a cake as a base. Fast forward, a Chocolate fudge cake with dark chocolate frosting, covered with pale yellow fondant featuring a checkered flag motif was created to be taken to the party. A grand one it was and I had my moment in the sun, when I was asked to present Fernando Alonso with the cake.  He accepted it with a sweet smile and a thank you........4 years on, I'm still basking ..........

F1 Ferrari cake with hand painted prancing horses

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